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Savouring idleness on holiday

This is a story about doing nothing on holiday. It celebrates idleness as a virtue and as a much yearned-for leisure activity.

The breadtime story

The unconventional museum of bread in which the ticket is paid for after the tour, in which the owner is the curator, in which the curator is the host, and in which the host is an artist.

Stay at home, return to self

New beginnings are always tricky. For most of us, undergoing a change is the major challenge. For me, settling into new environment is never that easy, and, coupled with complexities of bureaucracy and permeating fear from disease, additionally added to the uneasiness...

Making life choices amid coronavirus outbreak

My packing was half done. The suitcase was wide open in the middle of the room as if I expected it to suck in all of my vital stuff at once and rid me of that eternal problem – what to pack? The suitcase was laying on the floor for days. I just couldn’t be bothered to...

Business and leisure in London Docklands

World Travel Market is held annually at ExCeL, an exhibitions and international convention centre nested at the Royal London docks, between Canary Wharf and London City Airport. Together with hotels, massive carpark for thousands of cars, and two Dockland Light Railway (DLR) stations, makes a gigantic cluster of so called nonplaces.

The contested past of Ukraine

In the early 1930s, the great famine descended on Ukraine. Claimed to be an intentional and man-made act which aimed to prevent the Ukrainian independence movement by Stalin, the term Holodomor carries in itself a weight of tragedy, suffering, and great human...

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