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I take a humanistic, interdisciplinary approach to explore various aspects of being – a tourist, a service provider, a consumer, a customer, a researcher, and above all, a human. I focus mainly on the interrogation of embodied experiences, which entails utilisation of qualitative methodologies and phenomenological philosophy to critically interrogate lived experience, bodily presence, senses, memories of and reflections on the encounters within tourism and hospitality spaces.

Derelict places

The abandoned, ruined and decayed places have the power to teach us a lesson on the beauty of impermanence and transformation, and make us ponder about our existential being.

Forest bathing

A Japanese practice of spending mindful time in a forest may in many ways improve our physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Slow adventure

Immersive activities in the outdoors can slow down the passage of time and help create memories through meaningful engagement with wild nature and fellow sojourners.